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Rok Lok Records : Links : Long Island NY
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Many of these labels distro our releases!

  • 86'd Records and Fanzine - (NY) ( new label by the folks who brought us Traffic Violation Records and Eugenics Record Label. Bands=Rations, Iron Chic, etc)

  • Adagio 830 - (Germany) (Burial Year, L'Antietam, City of Caterpillar, Zann, La Quiete )

  • Bridgetown Records - (California) (Excellent bedroom music label. release from Kevin Greenspon, Cloud Nothings, Vehicle Blues, Whirl, Trudgers, School Knights, Weed Diamond, more)

  • Crucial Blast - (MD) (The Mass, Genghis Tron, Jimbo's Killcrane, etc. Amazing experimental music label & distro)

  • Dead Broke Records - (Long Island) (One of the best and most consistent DIY punk/indie labels of the last several years. Tons of great, great releases

  • Denovali Records - (Germany)(Kidcrash, Celeste, Logs, Coffin Dancer, Meet Me in St Louis. a great label that has put out some great releases in a short period of time, Greta people too. support this label.)

  • Forever Escaping Boredom - (FL) (Asthma Attaq, Kit, Dirty South Apocalypse, more)

  • Friend of Mine Records - (Japan) (Great Japanese indie rock/post rock/math rock label/mailorder.)

  • Handstand Records - (NY) (Crestfallen, In Arcadia, Excitebike and a huge distro)

  • Hyper Enough Records - Excellent distro in Japan.A wide range of genres, titles, and formats!

  • IFB Records - (FLA) (Jiyuana, Merkit, etc.DIY label with great packaging and distro)

  • Impure Muzik - (France) (Gantz, The Third Memory, Cease Upon the Capital, B Abuse)

  • Iron Pier - (NY) (Thieves & Assasins, Capital, and United States)

  • Jigsaw Records - Long running indie rock/pop record label now turned store and mail order!

  • Keep It Together Records - (WI)(Sleep Bellum Sonno, Empire Empire, Shat Shorts, Football Etc, many more. Great label)

  • Life On an Island - (Long Island) (For Serious This Time, Screen House Music, Giant Peach, Neato Fleets,Palmkite, etc)

  • Lillerne Tapes - (Chicago) (Great tape label with releases from Vehicle Blues, Katrina Stonehart, Jen Paul/No Lakes, Trudgers, Baby Birds Don't Drink Milk, Gelatin Kids and more)

  • Lost Sound Tapes - (Seattle) Awesome lo fi/indie pop tape label. Blanket Truth, iJi, Watercolor Paintings, etc

  • Mystery Trails - (Long Island) (awesome label with an awesome aesthetic. Abandoned Houses, Cartoon Giant, World's Fair, CMR, Glasses, JJEMMEIII, etc.)

  • Paramnesia Records - (PA)(Pyramids, One AM Radio, Windup Bird)

  • Pug Records - (Brazil) (Releasing outstanding indie rock, lo fi and fuzz pop releases. Excellent stuff by Coloração Desbotada, Top Surprise and More)

  • React With Protest - (GERMANY)(Cease Upon the Capitol, Danse Macabre, Trainwreck, June Paik, and many great, great bands.)

  • Self Satisfied - (MI) (cool as fuck DIY cd-r label. A modern day Shrimper)

  • SP-Records - (Japan) (Japanese pop punk/indie rock label & distro)

  • Square of Opposition - (PA) (Hypatia, Get to the Chopper, Robot Attack,etc. )

  • Stumparumper Records - (PA) (Awesome indie rock label. Releases by Brick Mower, Banned Books, Fuck Montreal, Rebecca's Room, Railcars)

  • Super Fi Records - (UK) (Melt Banana, Orthrelm, Trencher, Biblical Proof of UFOS, etc. Amazing label, distro and DIY link archive)

  • Transfusao Noise Records - (Brazil) Incredible lo fi, and fuzz pop label. Home to the AMAZING band Babe Florida amongst other greats.

  • Viking On Campus - (New Jersey)(Brick Mower, Granny Frost)

  • Waterslide Records - (Japan) Excellent label and mail order for pop punk, indie rock, shoegaze, etc.




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