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Rayning "Refraction"

  • Lost In A Sea of Sound
    Endless expanses, like your view from a life raft drifting in the ocean. Rayning knows how to take these visions and transform them into sound. Drone for as far as the sound can travel and the ears can hear. Crafted with the timbers of true organ sounding majesty then sparkled with eternal energy that fills the space before us. Refraction is aptly named because this is one immense sonic wave that has diverged just before entering your consciousness. A lengthy release well over forty minutes across seven tracks. The calmness of Raying prevails throughout with the only turbulence coming from the sonic floor welling up. There is a somber tone to Refraction. The weight the composition carries is vast. The use of this tone in ambient music also conveys deeper thoughts. The longest track "Calls From an Empty Shore", expresses these feelings best both in sound and track title. Released on Rok Lok Records last year in an edition of forty. There are only a few remaining on the labels bandcamp page.