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Little Whirls "Sedateness At the Movies"

  • Raw Power Writings
    Recently I stumbled across the New York label, Rok Lok Records, and spent the better part of a gloriously slow eight hour shift checking out their diverse array of offerings. The above band, Little Whirls, was one of the first things I decided to listen to on Rok Lokís wonderfully laid out website, and I was immediately entranced by the bandís lush, enveloping brand of indie rock. The above tune, ďWrite Us For A Statue,Ē opens up the bandís debut EP, Sedateness At The Movies, and upon hearing it, I knew I was going to like everything else on the tape. The recording is pretty lo-fi, which for indie rock can sometimes be a hindrance, yet, the gritty quality of the recording actually adds a distinct sonic quality to the songs, making them sound even denser and more full. The bandís droning melodies and vocals, coupled with their steady rhythms and rich textures make Little Whirls music particularly captivating and, at times, hypnotic. Iíve listened to this release over and over again in the last week and still find myself finding new things in the songs, and easily losing myself deeply in the bandís sound. Itís the type of music that reminds me of slow drives through a foggy city, where the air is so thick, that both lights from buildings and street lamps, as well as nearby sounds, seem to float in the mist. Intimate tunes like these pair well with cozy, dimly lit rooms, warmed with close friends and good booze. More information on Little Whirls can be found at their Facebook and Tumblr. Copies of their tape can be picked up via Rok Lok Records, act fast though, this run of cassettes is super small, limited to only fifty.