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World's Fair "Leisurely"

  • Get It On Vinyl
    Noise rock is something that is growing on me. Not along a go I avoided the genre. It had always had a tendency to come off as extremely repetitive, a cardinal sin in my book. However over the last few years, I have grown more open to the genre. Noise rock, noise pop, shoe-gaze, I have made it a point to take in more, and in the end I am more fond of it all the time. Solidifying my change of heart is the new release from World’s Fair. Their first full length LP, Leisurely is great listen. From the opening seconds of the first track “Come On Good Kitty, Take Off & Go” the band goes full throttle noise rock but with a solid melody that only makes us want to crank it even more. The energy stays through “Karate Under Control Research Laboratories.” The vocals are cleaner but still heavily drowned. The strings bend in such a way that it sounds like we lost the belt off our turntable, crescendoing into a myriad of funky guitar effects, at one point even sounding like a kazoo. The track slows down to regain control and melody. The second half of the LP excels from the first note. The side opens with “The First Could Be the Last.” The building bass rumble acts as a lit fuse into an explosion of neo-psych rock reminiscent of Tripping Daisy. The second side is a cleaner production, especially with the vocals, provided by Mike Andriani and Mike Ciaravino, are able to show their talent that having been buried in the mix beforehand. It’s a great track that shows not only new dynamics, but strength. Does Leisurely suffer from repetitiveness? Rarely. It’s a relatively quick listen that keeps your attention throughout. At times you want to rock out, others times you just want to sit and chill out. Rest assured there are songs for both moods as well as everything in between. The Vinyl A gorgeous heavy pressing is limited to 100 copies on blue and white splattered vinyl. The album comes in a silk screened cardboard jacket and includes liner notes, download card, button and sticker. It’s a great package available now from your local independent record store and this webpage. It is out now on Rok Lok Records and Mystery Trails.

  • I Buy Way Too Many Records
    I love 1990's indie rock. It's just one of my absolute favorite things and one of the easiest ways to get me to check out a record is to tell me it reminds you of Archers of Loaf. That's what happened with the band World's Fair. I read an Archers comparison online and immediately bought the record. While I'm still not sure that Archers are the best point of reference for this band, I'm glad I picked up Leisurely. Reading that last paragraph, it should come as no surprise that World's Fair's music does in fact lean towards 90's indie rock. While they do have some of the fuzzy guitar flourishes of Archers of Loaf in general I think they lean more towards the Built To Spill side of the spectrum. An even more accurate comparison would be to the first Yuck record, I think. Whatever bands you want to reference, World's Fair is playing dynamic, intricate indie rock with no shortage of hooks and catchy melodies. There are a couple of songs that go a little too far down the distorted vocal path for my personal taste, but that isn't how every song is recorded. Overall, it's a very strong record, one that I've found myself repeatedly going back to over the past few weeks. I think 2015 has started off a little slow as far as the number of new records that have come out that I'm into, but with band's like World's Fair on the list, at least the quality level has been quite high.