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Stars Are Insane/Morgue Toad "split"

  • Monogamy Memorial Hospital- 13 Albums for 2013
    Stars Are Insane has been a huge influence on me for a while. His 2011 album "A Plan...A Perfect Disaster" is honestly one of my all-time favorite albums, and Rok Lok Records as well as Hi Shadow both still have copies of it. I recommend grabbing a copy if you can. I was lucky enough to even do a split with him, and while he gave great material to that tape, he shined most radiantly on this limited lathe release, especially when teamed up with the excellent Morgue Toad. Morgue Toad has been having a great year, with a series of limited/secret CDr releases, culminating in a beautifully evasive cassette release on the mighty Juniper Tree Songs label. However, while that tape allows his songs to burst and fly right by you, his side of the lathe gives two meatier numbers, with drones and melodies floating behind the guitar and vocals. The effect is overwelming and exciting. Stars Are Insane gives a profound acoustic song and a gigantic ambient piece, in memory of a recently deceased friend. These two songs are truly admirable tributes and are brimming with powerful, loving energy. If only all of us would be so fortunate to inspire songs this great. This record is a milestone, I'm not sure of what, but from the moment I first heard it I knew that, even as a record limited to 20, it would one day be spoken of in hushed tones.