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Reviews for [RL78]
Kind Of Like Paris "s/t EP"

  • Depression Chamber
    This is a very short and quick indie pop EP. This is a special tape, mainly because I listen to it as an extension of the sound Nolan (of KoLP) creates in his other bands (xIWSWUYSBx, Celestial Being, etc) although with a toned down approach and even a pulling back of guitar fuzz. Instead of a breakneck speed screamo, we get something similar to mid 1990ís indie pop band crossed with punk hybrid. I have this release in two formats (yeah, I really wanted them both). I was able to snag the 6Ē that Nolan released on his very own Plastic Smile Records, and again I was lucky enough to grab this tape that Rok Lok Records released with an extra song. The extra song adds just a tiny little bit more. Itís more of a breather and an afterthought in terms of pop music. Well, itís actually a space-like mini instrumental drone track. It is well worth it though. It may be an insight to a future Kind of Like Paris release where things are more off the radar and less straight forward. Iím going to be honest, thereís not much to say about this release other than it is really fucking good. There arenít many artists/bands that are able to reach this kind of simplicity without sounding forced. It seems that Kind of Like Paris knew when the song was too long, or understood that a short burst is better than no burst. Itís a growing sound and it probably wonít be as youthful for too long, as there is a lot that the band can already grow off of. Maybe theyíll release a new batch of songs of 7 minute pop drones. Maybe this is all we get. Sparkly guitar sounds, with yearning vocals, accompanied by a very punk drum beat.

  • Tuning Into the Obscure
    Hereís a sweet little cassette EP packing in three tracks. This is some dreamy lo fi indie pop, reminding me at times of REM, Silversun Pickups, and perhaps a tiny bit of System Seven (the guitar style on track 3 sort of draws me to that comparison). This is a very short EP but this is a strong one. It certainly has drawn out my appetite and I am eager to hear more from this band. They have a very solid style in their instrumentation, their writing is great and Iím left happily wanting more. (4.8 out of 5)