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Stars Are Insane "Forget February"

  • Depression Chamber
    Stars Are Insane is an experimental dreamy pop project by Mike Andriani. I had to play this thing once or twice to fully understand what was going on, and I mean fully understand. I usually donít review things this quickly. I really like to take my time, but this one is super special and super wonderful. Itís very hidden sounding, like a valley in between the sharpest mountain pass, or perhaps more like a nice hug after a day of feeling brutalized. The flexi gives the recordings a warm, blown out, and very secretive tone to them. Iím unsure if this is what Mike intended, but Iím very much interested and really satisfied. Itís like an atonal noise wall track accompanying a somber near ambient pop song. Basically it combines two of the things I very much enjoy in music, all in a few short minutes. I would like to describe to you the music on the flexi but I cannot, and posting the bandcamp link does no favor to the actual product. The harsh/soft fuzz and noise that the flexi produces warms everything to where I am unsure what to even say. Even after the song, my copy produces a really nice rhythmic white noise that I have let play for minutes as it seems to be complimentary. This is really my deal. I havenít listened the CDr it has come with yet as I have been stuck on the flexi, and I havenít given the bandcamp a swirl either as I wanted to be somewhat surprised. Itís actually really well put together as a vanity collectorís item, and I think itís really something special. If you can find one then nab it if you have the chance, but be aware of how much noise you are getting with your indie rock on this one. Rok Lok Records.