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Vehicle Blues "Singles Club #11"

  • Depression Chamber
    Depression Chamber veteran (as in he actually performed back here) Vehicle Blues bursts three REALLY short songs on this incredibly short cassingle. Channeling the right mix of noise effect and dreamy delicate afterthoughts, these songs are properly constructed snippets of pure energy and solid pop. Lotto Pop Ice is probably one of Gabeís more memorable short outbursts of straight up shoegaze pop. The beginning is a definite rolling with the punches that just flows out without any form that brings to mind a definite structure. But itís still a pop song, catchy. Itís almost very malign how good this song is. To be so dreamy and full of substance, to be so caught in a wave of some sort and ultimately very poppy. Itís not two extremes meeting at the center, itís just a wonderful blend of sounds and structure by someone who has obviously learned to write this way. The B-side is a full on rage of guitar and drum machine. Just plowing through two pop songs, one more of a rocking jam that has a quick time frame. My New Angle is really damn fun. Itís a middle song in the whole tape, itís not going to take any names or change the rules, but itís there and itís a good passage of time. I mean, itís not long. Itís kind of short, maybe too short. Kevin Kostner is a definite closer. Itís got a really warm ending zeal to it. Gabe worked out the most wonderful guitar tone and let it glide throughout the song. Iím unsure of why itís so short though! I wish it was a little longer. Although I suppose if it was longer I wouldnít like it as much. One of the more aggravating aspects of cassingles is the fact that when theyíre good they leave you wanting more. Itís fine though, because this wanting of more short bursts creates an urge to discover more. On this little guy, Vehicle Blues produces such irregular and catchy pop songs for constant play. Flipping the tape may get annoying, but the songs are so solid that they warrant the effort to such an extreme that you can probably listen to this 8 or so minutes over and over and make an hour or two out of it. Gabe is such a consistently strong song writer. Iím sure years of bedroom practicing helps in constructing solid dreamy pop songs, and being influenced by the right stuff (whatever that is) is a complete plus as well. Iím also sure being involved in the DIY thing brings enough inspiration to want to participate and contribute so as to not leave anything lacking.