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Ron Beaudet "Awkward Age"

  • Depression Chamnber
    Ron Beaudetís Awkward Age is a very youthful and invigorating jump into lo fi indie pop. Combines sparkly guitar with a refreshing beat to construct something so retrospective. Awkward age has a lot of ďup and comingĒ promise, from the lax to the world vocals, to the obvious hits of Brit pop guitar, and the smooth use of appropriate drum machine. Iíve talked to Ron about his use of the Drum machine and he feels very proud of it. The first few listens I didnít hear too much of a difference from any other lo fi pop band using a drum machine, but eventually I let myself move on from ďwhat this sounds likeĒ to what he was trying to achieve. Its use solidifies songs into a more offbeat poppy groove. The obvious sound of 80ís new wave pop comes up as opposed to noise pop and other groups that are guitar oriented. His songs are all over the place, but they do have a central flow that is very much what makes a Ron Beaudet song a Ron Beaudet song. Theyíre catchy, first off, but not in the stuck in your head all day way. They all are catchy, so thereís no way one song gets crammed in your brain. By the end of side B itís a little overwhelming. You know you heard different songs but the flow of the bright sounding guitar and well placed thuds of a drum machine created an ebb and flow that seemed very continuous. Theyíre still pop songs though, there is no super complexity behind it. The ultra poppy simplicity is backed up by really sharp guitar though. I cannot doubt that he knows how to play his guitar. No filler, so donít be afraid to flip the tape again. So in the end Awkward Age has a dorky freedom, itís something that sets itself up for a future nostalgia. Its quirky charm comes from the rough edges, but honestly what are you going to do? Awkward Age is a small victory for Ron Beaudet, perhaps, and itís easy to relate to if youíre awake at 2 am and want to feel something youthful. Itís a small victory for yourself if that is what youíre after, if that is what you crave. A neat dip out into your backyard, feeling all too good about disappointments past.