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Shivering Window "Singles Club #9"

  • Depression Chamber
    Shivering Window is a project whose experimentation and confidence has grown since its inception. Mattís output as Shivering Window has been somewhat fast paced and very much threaded with growth. This little cassingle piece is a strong piece in a growing catalog of Epís, albums, and compilations. This cassingle is a powerhouse. A lo fidelity mainstay that a lot of people will ask about in years to come. Iím surprised that the likes and love and praise havenít translated into hype yet, because the first song on here just proves the genius of this project. If nothing else before it had yet, you are convinced that Matt knows how to write songs that are oblique and very dreary. This one is drenched in reverb and a cathartic mystery. Down Cellar Days is a slow song with male and female vocal delivery, very romantic, very painful, soaring and very similar Mojave 3 demo tapes (as this is what it reminds me of). Manifesto Grumblebum. Side B is a lot closer to a more pop rock song, although I think not as obvious as to say itís similar to stuff like Guided By Voices. It is its own beast, with the attached 1990ís inspired sound. I think this song is one of Mattís stronger songs when played live, it sounds very sparkly. Even brighter live than on this tape, although the dredge of whispered/guttural vocal effects that make up most of the background of the song is very much appreciated.

  • Raised By Gypsies
    I feel like I've heard of the Rok Lok Singles Club before, but I'm not certain I've heard any of the actual cassettes in it. So I must say that the idea is a great one, in my opinion, and I think it'd be awesome to see it where you get a different cassette mailed to you every month, with a different band and two songs and you pay for the yearly subscription. I don't know If enough subscriptions could be generated, but I just like the idea of having something where random cassettes get sent to you once a month. (Perhaps there should be a magazine that comes with a cassette? Cassettes Monthly, anyone?) In any event, these are two songs from Shivering Window who is no stranger here, especially in the world of cassettes. The first song oddly has the sound of the song ďDancing DaysĒ, while the second for whatever reasons reminds me of someone that I used to know only flipped. The idea of being a Satanist in high school is not uncommon, but what I found to be my relation to the song rather is that there exists a man out there now who I went to church with in my youth and is now quite the opposite of that. I only know this because I somehow stumbled across his profile on Facebook, but it is kind of curious how someone with so much of an upbringing in the church seemingly turns their back on God. The best songs can sometimes launch these feelings and memories inside of you, and I'm also just really digging this because it is a cassingle and I want a cassette club of some kind to be formed.