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Reviews for [RL62]
Mike Naideau "Singles Club #6"

  • Depression Chamber
    Mike Naideau is a really nice sounding guy. He makes music of all kinds, resorting to collage and soundscapes and lo fi bedroom sounding stuff. He also runs a label of his very own. On here he gives Rok Lok cassingle lovers two really quaint songs. Really shy songs actually, although in their own respective ways. Horizon Song starts off very quiet and really westerny, if that make sense. Kind of a little bit like a less lush Mojave Three or something, a bit more scratchy and definitely recorded on much more worn equipment. It works and sounds perfectly fine though. Nothing is out of the ordinary as the music and warmth of the format connect themselves. I think this IS definitely tape recording, home dubbing, and editions of 50 at its finest. Horizon Song is the reason that cassingles exist. Honestly, itís just so low sounding, so non-artificial, without the posturing that weíre used to hearing in artists that want to exhibit pain or loneliness. I donít think Mike Naideau wants to be Daniel Johnston or whoever else, or end up on Shrimper and Unread; my take by this one track (and listening to it over and over) is that he wants to record on 90 minute tapes for fun and probably listen to them years later between 10 p.m. and 2 a.m. because he finally has a weekend off of work. Better Off at Sea is a little different. Itís not necessarily different though, because the same type of tools used to make Horizon Song so (non)pristine and (non)pretty are implemented. The different comes in the way the music is played. Perhaps to give a different perspective on the music this man creates, he made a more rocking song. Itís still the kind a dude listens to years away and feels good about, but itís just less sad sounding. I suppose the tape is two different ways that home taping has killed music, and made the individual create more from it - like memories, or a feeling, or something. This is kind of sappy sounding, but really good. I love sappy music. I love these two songs. Theyíre both really cute, but not in a sarcastic way. Itís the wonderful Rok Lok cassingle aesthetic that I have come to expect and appreciate. Itís really awesome when labels have easily identifiable aesthetics. A nice black and white image for a cover, and the tape is labeled and stamped with a cute little bird. Edition of 50, and definitely home dubbed.