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Stars Are Insane "The Empty House"

  • Human Male
    Long-lost album from the early 00's which has been re-assembled and made available for public consumption at last. Pretty interesting to see that it has aged handsomely to the point where it is logical to be released even 10+ years later. There is a well-constructed mix of perfect acoustic pop/folk and noise, and some of it bleeds together on this release, especially on the stellar "Asshole", which has contrasting strummy euphony with shreddy noisey chaos. Songs like "1996" and "O2" foreshadow A Plan... well and show the progression. Coming in strong on the acoustic side is "Curse My Metal Body I Wasn't Fast Enough" and strong on the noise side is "Disclaimer". It's a long one, so I really could write more...but by the time you read this, the limited run of 25 may have already sold out. Run to your credit card!