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Brick Mower "Why Are We Doing This?"

  • Modern Vinyl
    Brick Mower, an indie trio hailing from New Brunswick, New Jersey, is not here to impress you with anything other than their music. They aren’t going to bore you with flashing lights and special effects, instead relying entirely on their energetic, organic sound. The band, a self-described “living room punk” group, plays fast, witty indie rock, clearly influenced by the sounds of the 80s and early 90s. Rok Lok Records worked with Brick Mower to release their 2011 EP, “Why Are We Doing This?,” onto vinyl. The 7-inch includes four songs and clocks in at just under eight minutes total. The tracks included on the EP are from Brick Mower’s early days, recorded between February and May of 2010. Each song is a fast-paced burst of musical energy, complete with simple rhythms, and smart, biting lyrics. As previously stated, the sound is very simplistic, with no added effects and no guitar solos, just straightforward indie-punk. The songs pretty much sound like they were each recorded in one take, with the band calling it a day. But don’t worry, there was no need to make adjustments. They got it right the first time. “Why Are We Doing This?” is highly recommended for anyone looking for a new twist on the old-school punk sound. Sound Quality: The sounds quality isn’t perfect, but that’s to be expected in this case. These are songs from the band’s infancy, when they likely couldn’t get the best recording equipment and had limited time. You’ll be disappointed if you’re expecting the same quality as a major-label studio album. Packaging: The 7? comes in a black-and-white fold-over cover. The photos and lettering on the front and back covers are a bit pixelated when viewed up close. It also includes an insert with the lyrics on one side and credits/thank-yous on the other. Extras: A digital download code is not included. Summary: Brick Mower’s “Why Are We Doing This?” is simple, down-to-earth punk tunes from a band with a lot of potential. Make Sure To Spin: The whole thing. What, you can’t spare eight minutes? You can stream the EP and buy it

  • unclecritic.com
    New Brunswick’s Brick Mower is back with a new 7? record from Rok Lok Records featuring four great new songs. People who like good music should already know Brick Mower and own their ‘Under the Sink’ album (and everything else); this is a great follow up to that album. Its keeps the great sound of some of the best songs on that album but gives us something new ones to sing along to. There are four really good songs that make up this 7?, especially ‘National Washboard’ but without a doubt the best song on here is ‘Instant Rectification’ I could listen to that one a hundred times over and still want more. If you’re a fan of Superchunk and Jawbreaker style pop punk then you need this record.