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v/a "I Know Why They Call It Pop"

  • thethinnertheair.blogspot.com
    In 1994, a little-known Boston label called Pop Narcotic released a double 10" compilation entitled "Why Do You Think They Call it Pop?" The bands featured on that compilation ranged from infamous to small timers, but the compilation nonetheless had its desired effect: it captured the state of pop music in its many forms at the time, and remains a milestone in the genre. It's 2010 now, and Rok Lok Records, an overtly pop label themselves for the most part, decided it would be fitting to pay homage to that compilation and that era with their own, similarly named compilation. Ranging from the most primitive one-man bedroom pop pseudonyms to full fledged bands, the compilation gathers a colorful, diverse roster of musicians and genre, from coast-to-coast and down to Brazil. The influence is evident; in my opinion, this comp probably could have fooled pop junkies if it said it was thrown together in 1996 rather than 2010. Rok Lok's owner Mike dedicated the 20-song cassette to "all the people banging on a 4 track till the wee hours of the morning, tape labels and tape traders." It comes highly recommended from me to anyone with an ear for genuine, intimate tunes and a musically open mind. One hundred of these tapes were made, and there are about eight left at the time of this posting. If you're eager, head over to Rok Lok and snag a copy.