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Reviews for [RL38]
Fellow Project "Boots"

  • Collective Zine
    FP continue to impress me. This 4 songer starts off with "Racing Horse", a mid-paced indie rocker, with perhaps a little folk inspiration in there to. You get male+female vocals, the guy injects some Revolution Summer era emotion, and the lass a little Andi Camp, which is a fine combo. This is probably my least favourite track of the 4 though. "Boots" slows it down and 'mo's it up a bit, hitting a pleasing guitar groove. The main guitar winds around agitatedly in between the vocal parts and the song soars to a climax. Super. "Off the Bus" is slightly mathy in a tight, post-punk fashion. It's making me think of Tubers, which is perhaps a good comparison for this band in general now that it's come to mind. Things are wrapped up with an acoustic number. Another solid release from FP, can't really go wrong if you like smart, rocking, indie / post punk type jams.- Andy Malcolm