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Damezumari "Hope Inscribed on Handbills"

  • collective-zine.co.uk
    Seems like a fair old while since Damezumari dropped some of their emo jawns on us, but it's good to see they are still going and still emoting frenetically. This 7" crams in 4 songs of kinetic melody. Each song drives forward with plenty of power, keyed by hoarse yelling. The music nestles in well with Life at these Speeds and Sinaloa. Along with those bands Damezumari produced some of the best music in the style over the past 10 years - playing sincere, exciting songs that rarely failed to attract my attention. Although these 4 songs are finely crafted and a good example of the genre, they didn't quite fill me with the sheer thrill that the best emo does. Perhaps it is slightly too mathy, or perhaps it is the relentless vocals - I like a bit more softness in my emo these days. I do still delight in the see-sawing melodies that soar and sweep in a great fashion, it's just feels like Damezumari have perhaps reached a cross roads - keep on bashing out competent but well worn emo blasts, or start to lean in a new direction to bring a bit more freshness to their music. This appears to be the first time this band has been reviewed on this site, which is truly unfathomable, given how well they fit with the music that managed to dominate my tastes for so long.