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Yes Sensei "3 Songs"

  • Collective Zine
    I was slightly surprised to learn not a few minutes ago that Yes Sensei have made 3 albums. Three! What band stays together long enough these days to do anything other than a CDR and a free download on mediafire? 3 albums is pretty impressive. As is this seven inch. You will not be shocked to learn that there are three songs on it (these guys can sure count), and from the title track onwards they rock out noisily. I am not so partial to the term "noise rock", it doesn't really describe much. I would be more likely to use "noisy rock", for that is far more apt. Yes Sensei have chunky grooves, and yelled urgent vocals - the music is tightly wound, yet strangely loose and evolving at the same time. "Don't Fear the Riffer" kicks us off with insistent vocals, the music is sort of like Life at these Speeds + Unwound + Minutemen, if that helps. Mathy and driving sums it up. It fills an entire side of vinyl on 33rpm. Long. Two shorter songs on the flip, distilling the same elements along with some funky punky. Sweet. Plus the last song has this brief bit that sounds like Antioch Arrow or something. Yes Sensei are pretty different to most bands out there, which may be why they would appeal to you. If you like hearing bands doing something smart with the emotive hardcore template, such as What Price, Wonderland? and the 2nd Life at these Speeds album, then I think you would enjoy Yes Sensei also. 3 albums though. Crikey.