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On the Might of Princes "Where You Are & Where You Want to Be"

  • Under the Volcano #96
    The album that made me worship the ground this Long Island band walked on, Where You Are and Where You Want to Be was the soundtrack to my summer when it was first released, and continues to be one of my favorite albums ever, as well as arguably the best record to ever come out of Long Island. Where You Are.. drew on what made The Making of a Conversation great then blew it out of the water, which many thought was an impossible feat. When people look back on the career of OTMOP (as they were commonly called by us locals), this is the album that will solidify their place in the annals of the Punk/Hardcore history books. A Post Hardcore explosion like no other, OTMOP combined the sounds of Sunny Day Real Estate, Fugazi and Twelve Hour Turn to create some of the most original music that Long Island had yet to hear or develop, and coupled it with-o this day-one of the best live shows ever witnessed. While the band’s sound changed considerably on Sirens, their debut LP for Revelation and sadly their swan song. Where You Are and Where You want to Be is a modern day classic and a record that seems to transcend time as years go by.- McClernon

  • Verbicide
    I always relish the opportunity to wave the “Real Emo” flag and simultaneously condemn mainstream’s bastardization of the genre along with its subsequent commercialization. For something that I feel so passionately about, I can’t tell you how many times in the past year I cringed in disgust and embarrassment every time the term was uttered in complete ignorance. That’s why reviewing the reissue of On The Might Of Princes seminal Where You Are And Where You Want To Be is such an honor as this influential Long Island band embodies everything emo should respectfully be remembered for. From the urgent and nail-bitingly intense opening of “The Water Vs.The Anchor” to the shouted, moving call for unity and friendship in “For Meg,” OTMOP takes introspective-yet-raucous, delicate-but-frantic music to soul-crushing extremes. Perhaps that’s what makes these songs sound so massively epic and moving…or maybe it’s the tension created by four individuals spilling their guts in perfectly chaotic synchronization, all the time sounding like they’re on the verge of collapsing, yet somehow pulling it together in a crescendo of fiery, technical guitars, kinetic rhythms, and frenzied vocals. Bands like On The Might Of Princes usually have an intangible “something” that can’t be described in words. It’s difficult to put your finger on it, but it feels honest and real and it never fails to capture a unique moment in time. By all accounts, Where You Are And Where You Want To Be holds a special place in a lot of people’s hearts, especially for the Long Island DIY community which first embraced the band. Just look at the incredible artwork and packaging by Rok Lok and Eugenics, not to mention the enhanced CD and interactive website with photos and fan-generated content. If more of us cared about music’s ability to stir genuine emotion — as well as the need to support those making that music — then we’d all be waving the “Real Emo” flag with pride instead of screaming to be heard above the younger generation’s ridiculous interpretation of the genre. Shit...I feel old. Thank god for bands like On The Might Of Princes who have the singular ability to remind us of a special time and place. (Chuck Daley)