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On the Might of Princes "The Making of a Conversation"

  • Under the Volcano #96
    Finally, the world is right once more. On the Might of Princes was one of the few bands that changed my world in the short time they were around, and The Making of a Conversation, their long out of print debut album has finally been reissued. It’s been a long time since I last heard this record but I remember that one of the drawbacks was the recording. Well, no more my friend. Completely and carefully remastered with the three bonus tracks, The Making of a Conversation sounds superb, more than ever before, the way it was originally meant to be heard. For those not in the know, On the Might of Princes were screamo before screamo became huge and sucked. They were the logical extension of Sunny Day Real Estate’s Diary mixed with Twelve Hour Turn and I Hate Myself. Their live show was second to none, and for a short period they were THE Long Island band to see. Eternal thanks to Mike Rok Lok for finally giving this album the proper treatment it so wholeheartedly deserves. Excellent job all around! –McClernon