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Stars Are Insane "Nine Untitled Songs"

  • Impact Press Winter 2006
    Minimalist rock performed by one musician,very little can be said due to the sparseness of this album. If you're a fan of Godspeed! You Black Emperor you should check this out. Strongly recommend for the soundtrack of your next indie film.

  • Shoot Me Again
    I was surprised to receive a day in my mailbox this nice disc STARS ARE INSANE . In fact it is Mike who sent me the CD ... to say true STARS ARE INSANE is the solo project of Mike Andriani. Who is also a musician in YES SENSEI (emo noise) and the guy behind Rok Lok Records . I was even more surprised to receive this CD when I noticed that this disc is limited to 50 copies. Finally, this is the second "pressing" of this disc. What makes a currently limited to 100 copies disc. A nice CDR packaged in a cardboard sleeve handmade and designed by Sarina Latorre and Mike Andriani. Basically the pieces on this disc have been written to appear as a soundtrack to a movie called "Skecth" , directed by the same Sarina Latorre who participated in the cover of this disc. New titles that have achieved better than those recorded for the four CDR level STARS ARE INSANE .Musically STARS ARE INSANE is the contemplative folk rock embellished with sound background, sample, and other noisy frames. The mixture is thought by the time a group can been on Constellation Records or Alien8 Recordings . Something that can be a bit like the SAC CUL listed by some. Disc actually quite nice and has surprised me because quadruple CDR STARS ARE INSANE I did not have masses marked musically. But here I am hooked. Congratulations Mike, good work. A small disc that I like to listen to late at night, a good book in hand in a relaxed atmosphere.