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Reviews for [RL19]
Imagine if the Sun Fell "s/t"

  • Dusted Magazine
    Compositional experiments from one Jeremy Nissan. “For Candice, the Pregnant Lady with No Teeth” is a regal-sounding stumble through some acoustic guitar chords, clawfist style. There’s an electronically processed seasickness about “Byron + Shelley,” and the B-side (“I Built a Mall with Human Intestines”) does sorrowful lost-at-sea drone with echoed-out metal percussion, tape loops and other noise elements. Hey, I just call ‘em like I see ‘em – maybe if there were some information provided with this release, you would be reading some more.

  • Punk Planet #72
    "Imagine if the Sun Fell" is apparently the name used for all solo projects issued by members of Empty Silos Echo War. I recommend they call all duets 'Imagine if their fans got confused". Anyway this particular one comes from Jeremy Nissan. The first side is a compostion of melancholy sheets of sound with some creepy found audio clips and a little percussion thrown in occasionally to keep things dynamic. The second side features a simple acoustic guitar lament and a sound collage freakout (are there backwards tape loops in there?). All of it is very good.