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Reviews for [RL18]
Death Cycle/Solidarity Pact "split"

  • Maximum Rock N Roll #269 October 2005
    This split EP features two of Long Island's newer hardcore punk bands. Death Cycle, on the A side, opens with a desperate, heavy as fuck tune along the lines of Thought Crime (of whom they claim an ex-member or two) or State of Fear. Though the lyrics deal with the fucked up mess of our modern world, there is an underlying message of resistance. Their second track, a mid tempo song in the "NYHC" style of bands like Burn, offers a more desolate view of humanity ("Look at our species a human wrecking ball/That respects nothing and devours all") and our inevitable downfall. On the flip, Solidarity Pact contributes three songs in a more melodic hardcore style, and I ca discern a little youth crew influence as well. the upbeat music is quite a contrast to Death Cycle, though both bands find common ground in their lyrics. (CS)

  • Screaming Bloody Mess.com February 2006
    Death Cycle features Gary and Mike from New York hardcore legends Kill Your Idols. They offer two songs of crushing heavy doomy punk that doesn’t hold back with a “hey people what the fuck is up?” vibe. Good stuff. The Solidarity Pact who have also released an excellent full length on Rok Lok play a buzzier, faster hardcore that has been compared to Kid Dynamite (which I can hear). Of the two sides I prefer Solidarity Pact’s if only because this style wets my panties a little more.

  • Slug & Lettuce #86
    Death Cycle have a good thick sound on this recording, with a good amount of distortion and a reverb heaviness that sounds good, thick and chunky and grinding. Ron's vocals are more hardcore sounding than I might have expected, but the overall sound works really great. This is awesome. The Solidarity Pact explode off the vinyl, with super distorted (like echoed in another room) vocals, a cleanly distroted sound and a ferocious amount of energy. This is a great split of Long Island hardcore punk. Full of heart and spirit and passion.