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Reviews for [RL13]
Bookstore "s/t"

  • Read Magazine (editor's pick)
    This is what every pathetic indie band out there wishes they sounded like. It's sensitive for the girls, rockin' out for the boys, and pleasing to the ears for everyone in-between. Bookstore are the new Smiths. (But this review might be slightly biased because their guitarist is a Mets fan.)

  • Megabeef #7
    Genuinely good indie pop music from this NY trio. The vocals are polished and flawless, and the band does a good job of incorporating piano and acoustic guitars into their songs. There's a decent amount of oldies influence too, which always sits well with me. Sometimes upbeat and rocking, sometimes sad and moody- these are some of the catchiest songs I've heard in awhile. I'll be sure to arm myself with this CD the next time I go on a long drive with my parents.