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Space Robot Scientists "We've Got a Time Machine"

  • Under The Volcano - #60 2001
    "Space Robot Scientists is a trio of marginally sane technogeeks from the island that mix programmed beats with live guitar. The openning track 'Colin Ferguson' is my fave here, because the spastic guitar riff veers nearly out of control over a dance beat. Space Robot Scientists will ultimately be compared to DEVO, but that doesn't quite hit the mark. Quirky!" -Rich

  • Newsday
    "Imagine John Lydon fronting a beat crazed aggro dance band. That's what lead Robot Andre Bermudez sounds like at times. But this is not a love song type band, these Space Robot Scientists. SRS aims to meld its own brand of disco, punk, & industrial music. And for the most part, the threesome's aim is true. Singer-guitarist Bermudez (ex-Freaks from the Apocalypse), synth & theremin guy Matt Dallow, & bassist Sean Corkery opt for an electronic drummer and plot their own musical course on "We've Got A Time Machine". The previously released "Colin Ferguson" gets the full Lydon whine from Bermudez while electronic dots and dashes whiz by. The rest of the album stomps through the cortex in much the same way. SRS' "Time Machine", it seems, wants to transport us to a new industrial revolution."

  • Megabeef #6
    Just by looking at the title of this cd, I knew it was going to rule. These kids play quirky robot core, complete with drum machine, synthesizers, and dorky vocals. A lot of this sounds like Devo or Atom & His Package with more instrumentation, while some of it sounds like video game music. Either way I approve.

  • Verbicide #16
    "We’ve Got a Time Machine" is a nuclear fusion of programmed drums, electronic punk, high pitched, out of tune vocals, and low fi garage rock trash. The disc sounds something like 70s era Devo getting drunk with Atom & His Package and playing a late night basement show with The Crucifucks at your parents’ house. Sing along choruses (“Fuck You Doctor”), sinister disco punk (“Parking Lot”, “Already Yesterday”), the occasional pop oriented riff (“Collin Ferguson”) and witty lyrics (“Digital Skinhead”) come together to form this synthesized blitz of rock and roll. Dorky, annoying, and just plain ridiculous, "We’ve Got a Time Machine" is obnoxiously good.