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Reviews for [RL08]
V/A "The Hope Machine"

  • Dirt Culture - #2
    "This compilation of east Coast punk rockers boasts an impressive resume of Rok Lok Records current line up. In this DIY ideology the songs on this record may not be the catchiest, best produced, or even good for that matter (while most them are), but the art & integrity shine the whole way through. Standouts include Knox Overstreet's "Take the Ticket", Fire Engine Red's "Encouragement", De La Hoya's "How to Get to Heaven from Chattanooga TN", and the amazing Bookstore with "Gonster". Hats off to all those who worked on this project; it is a joy and a quick education to those of us who are unfamiliar with the label."

  • Megabeef #6
    I usually dread reviewing compilations, but this one is exceptionally good. Twenty three bands, each giving you a dose of New York flava. Knox Overstreet do a poppy Sensefield-esque tune, De La Hoya provides the fast melodic punk, Bookstore and Nakatomi Plaza supply the emo rock, Music and This Years Model bring the hard stuff, and Space Robot Scientists are my new favorite band (and not just for obvious reasons). This is good to listen to on long drives because there's so much tight shit on here. it's also nice to get a comp that is predominantly composed of smaller bands.-Will Cole