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Reviews for [RL06]
Explosivo! "The Uh Oh EP"

  • Gooder Than An Apple - #1 2000
    "I am somewhat unsure of how to pronounce this band's name. Is it "Explosivo" or "Explosivo"? Regardless, they rock like no other. This is sort of hard to describe though. These NY kids play a style somewhere in between Blank and Small Brown Bike. Maybe like a more emo version of Super Hi-Five. Really melodic and rockin' with scratchy vocals and even a few "Whoah"s. I really dig the lyrics; they're simple and honest. Nothing can stop this rock machine. Have I mentioned the word "rock"? Just buy the damn CD already. Plus: Crucial layout and packaging. Minus: I'm not completely sure how to pronounce their name." -Will

  • Punk Rock Reviews 1/03
    They say good things come in small packages. This EP does nothing to dispute that saying. The first thing you notice is the packaging. A simple idea executed beautifully. A plastic sleeve contains a cardboard cutout and a pocket for the CD. It combines the look and feel of a LP with the convienience of a CD. Nice design and a great original layout. Also included is a lyric sheet, something I always appreciate. But enough about that, let's talk about the music. Explosivo play a potent combination of emo and some melodic hardcore. Very gritty, salient vocals and strong guitar riffs are accompanied by forceful drumming and distinguished bass lines. This reminds me of The Broadways and Jawbreaker meet Tricky Dick. All the elements of melodic punk, hardcore and emo are there to create a powerful, effective and energetic sound. Six tracks, including one instrumental, that will leave you breathless and wanting more. I found myself listening to "Fuck You, Ninja" and "Scared Little Snot" over and over again. Let's hope that this EP is only the beginning. I, for one, can't wait to hear a full-length. Well done!

  • source unknown
    A very neat little record, packaged in a smart DIY cardboard sleeve and with six very fine songs of melodic hardcore. It's the sort of sound that reminds me a lot of THE BROADWAYS (who in turn remind everyone of JAWBREAKER but that's an overused comparison so ignore it) with solid driving beats, tight melodic riffs, strong gravelled vocals and great harmonies. Things occasionally spill over into some passionate screaming and shouting, ala DILLINGER 4 and on the whole the honest and heavy tunes serve as a fine antidote to too much bland pop-punk. Highly recommended.

  • Under the Volcano #60
    I am officiallly declaring Explosivo! Long Island's best Punk band. When you have ex-members of Splurge, The Howards and A Boy Called Spite, you best damn well look out son. This EP rocks the cock off with five gritty Punk Rock tunes in the vein of Splurge, Hot Water Music with some Weezer esque harmonies to boot. This is definitely my favorite Long Island Punk band at the moment. (Chris Munity)