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De La Hoya "Has No Credibilty"

  • Gooder Than An Apple - #1 2000
    "I actually saw these guys a few months ago with the temporarily defunct Man Without Plan. They were touring together at the time and I let the Men Without PLan (Plen?) stay at my crib, while the guys in De La Hoya stayed with some other kid. If I remember correctly the kid's mom got all pissed & kicked them out at like 7 in the morning without even letting them shower, whereas the PLan and I went to Denny's, smoked up in their van, & slept till noon. So who's the big winner here now? But moving on, I couldn't really decide if I liked De La Hoya when I saw them. I thought I did, but the fact that thwy were wearing Hawaiian shirts may have influenced my decision (in a good way mind you). However after repeated listens to this CD I am pleased to announce that I do in fact, like this band. DE La Hoya play high energy melodicore with plenty o' tempo changes to keep the listener dancin'. The vocals are semi-poppy and the lyrics are a good mix of personal and political. I especially like the song "Fallow" where they go into a nice melodic riff and then abruptly end with the most dissonant chord imaginable. I had thought of doing that a few years ago, but since that never got out of my ever growing IdeaBox, I am forced to dispense props not only for the afformentioned chord progression, but also for having a guy named Oscar in the band." -Will