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Reviews for [RL01]
On the Might of Princes "The Making of a Conversation"

  • Long Island Voice - Jan. 2000
    "Over the past year & a half this Suffolk outfit has steadily established itself as one of the Island's most exciting emo-rock bands. This latest album documents the group's finding its footing amidst a tangle of frenzied guitars and pounding rhythms. OTMOP is most captivating when it deftly alternates between moments of pastoral reflection and shouted intensity. You're always in anticipation of that moment when the guitarists are about to shatter their delicate arpeggios and strumming with the mere tap of a distortion pedal. Lead singer Jason Rosenthal lends the songs an air of vulnerability while guitarist Lou Fontana and bassist Tom Orza add punctuating unison screams and counterpoint vocals. As good as this CD is, though, it's not a patch on the group's absolutely searing live shows." -Theo Cateforis

  • Pressed Press - April 2000
    "Wow, this is a really good CD from a band I've never heard of. Rockin' emo/indie, more on the emo tip though. I dig it. This CD is an epic in my opinion, 48 minutes long. I was also very happy while listening to this, I also found two socks that I'd been missing for months. They have no holes in them! This is fairly original sounding, at least I can't pin down any particular band that they sound like. Rock on. Nice layout too." -Erica Yocco

  • Dirt Culture - #2
    "This band has the intensity of Hot Water Music, but not the intense vocals. Emo, post punk stuff for all of you that can't decipher that last statement. There are a bunch of bursts here of intricate noise filled treats backed with banging of snares & toms & cymbals & stuff. Sometimes you weep, other times you become violent..."